You never know where the first handshake with a new contact will go.  For one person, that initial greeting will be the last interaction.  Another may meet that same contact and turn it into a sale.  To others, that individual will become a referral base that just keeps giving.  Yet someone else finds a lifelong business confidant.  For those who are natural born connectors, the value of ONE new connection can be priceless.  It could open a new geographic network, a new vertical market or even the door to a million dollar client.

There are many reasons to be excited about the Central Iowa Business Conference hosted by the Urbandale Chamber.  For me, it’s opening the door to all the new connections that will be attending.  As one who clearly sees the value of a new contact, not necessarily in the short term, but in my business life cycle, I can’t wait to see what October 11th will bring.  Sure, Gino Wickman’s deep dive on Traction will be fantastic!  And who doesn’t want to learn more about delivering “Legendary Service”? But for me, the value of spending a day with hundreds of business owners and executives from all over Central Iowa is the opportunity to cultivate an entirely new group of connections.  I have no idea where it will lead, but I can’t wait to find out!  To reserve your seat, go to  I can’t wait to meet you and see where it leads!


–Leisa Fox, Market President, Saxton