“Returning to Growth”

Keynote: Tiffani Bova | Author & Chief Growth Evangelist, Salesforce

Remember, the path to sustainable growth is never just one thing. You must build a company that is responsive to whatever the market may throw at you. Setting the tone at the top with a clear vision on how the company will grow and what each employee can do to play their part is the key to success.

In this motivational keynote, Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce and WSJ bestselling author of Growth IQ and her latest book The Experience Mindset (May 2023), shares what it takes to stay relevant, be bold and create an engine for sustained and repeatable growth now and into the next.

Takeaways include:

  • How to uncover the current market context to shape your future strategies.
  • Learning the most common paths back to profitable and sustainable growth in challenging times.
  • Looking to your people and your customers to guide your strategy.
  • Understanding how to make the proper investments in the business across people, processes and technology.



Let’s Build & Live Legendary Lives!

Keynote: Tommy Breedlove | Legendary Leaders Create Legendary Businesses

Tommy Breedlove, the Wall Street Journal and USA Today Best Selling Author and Founder of the Legendary Movement, outlines the five attributes that leaders must have to attract, retain, and inspire the best and brightest team and talent. It will also cover the three most significant failures in leadership and how to overcome them. This session will be inspiring and motivating, while also challenging the audience to apply the tactical and executable Pro Tips to be an elite leader at work and home.

Lunch General Session: Tackling the Challenges of Workforce Disruption

Our panelists include:

Tanner Krause | Krause Group | CEO

Hank Norem | Ramco Innovations | CEO

Ben Vallier | The Iowa Clinic | CEO

Building on the 2022 Disruptors panel, we once again look at “disruptors” in the workplace.  This year our focus will be workforce and culture issues as we welcome CEOs from several Iowa organizations sharing their thoughts on issues such as:

-Recruiting and motivating team members through the development of strong cultures

-Increasing productivity and efficiency through use of artificial intelligence

-Dealing with healthcare costs impacting organizations and employees