Equipping Your Team for Organizational Change Efforts

Speaker: Cathy Belmont
Director of Training Operations
ATW Training Solutions

50-70% of change initiatives fail! How do we improve those numbers?  Consider that human biology wires us to resist change. Once we understand the way a brain functions during change, we can intentionally mitigate its effects and increase people’s adaptability and resilience.

Attendees takeaways:

  1. Recognize all change is not created equal, and identify 4 main types of change.
  2. Assess motivation for change.
  3. Identify brain structures involved with any change and how to mitigate their effects.
  4. Explore roles in leading change as well as strategies to equip and empower each role.

Panel Discussion – Seeing Diversity  & Inclusion Through a Different Lens

Panelist: Daniel Hoffman – Zinnel –  Executive Director One Iowa

Panelist: Omar Jordan – Founder LenderClose

Panelist: Megan Milligan – President & CEO Iowa Center for Economic Success

Panelist: Claudia Schabel – President Schabel Solutions

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Building a Business that Lasts:  How to Create and Maintain a Comprehensive Business Continuity and Succession Plan(BCSP)

 Speaker: Alan Richardson – MBA, Business Coach and Certified EOS Implementer
Focused Facilitation, LLC

Do you want your organization to thrive beyond your own tenure? The reality is, every business owner or leader will eventually leave the company or organization. Sometimes it is a well-planned departure, but it can also result from an unplanned, unfortunate event – an owner’s death, long-term disability, divorce, disagreements between owners, etc.  Unfortunate events don’t just affect the person, they impact family members, business staff, suppliers and customers. Even planned departures can impact the ability of an organization to maintain essential functions. Is your business ready for any unfortunate event that might occur? Do you know how you want to eventually exit your business or organization? There are six components to a Comprehensive Business Continuity and Succession Plan™ (BCSP). During this breakout we will identify the six components and discuss the tools you need to develop and implement a Comprehensive BCSP. You will also hear from business owners who have implemented their Comprehensive BCSPs and the lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Attendee takeaways:

  1. You will learn the six components of a Comprehensive Business Continuity and Succession Plan™ (BCSP)
  2. You will learn the proven process to create, implement and keep your BCSP updated.
  3. Learn from business owners who have created and implemented their BCSP and what they learned.
  4. Answer your questions and make connections with business owners and service providers who have experience implementing BCSP.

Managing Mental Health at Work: A Legal Perspective

Speaker: Emily Pontius – Shareholder Fredrikson & Byron, P.A. Speaker: Kendra D. Simmons – Senior Associate Fredrikson & Byron, P.A.



The Brand Called You: Why Your Personal Brand is Your Most Strategic Asset in Business

Speaker: Emily Steele – Co-Owner Brand Launch

Every single day, people are making decisions about who to do business with, who to promote to a new role, and who they are referring. By getting clear on who you are and how you show up online and offline, you set yourself up to be top of mind for endless opportunities in life and business.

Attendees takeaways:

  1. How to add value to every relationship in your life.
  2. How a deeper connection to your core values will attract you to the right opportunities, the right people, and your sense of purpose in every decision you make.
  3. Why your growth and investment in yourself should be a priority in business.

Panel Discussion – How EOS® is Helping Organizations Gain Traction 

Facilitator: Rob Taylor – EOS Implementer™
Taylor Management Systems

Topic Summary: Gino Wickman, founder of the Entrepreneurial Operating System® (EOS®) which was featured in his book Traction: Get a Grip on Your Business, was the keynote speaker at the first Central Iowa Business Conference (CIBC).  Although many learned about EOS® at that conference, this operating system is 12+ years old.  Many companies implemented EOS® years ago and many companies are just now implementing. These organizations range in size, industry, and what phase of their journey they are in. This breakout will feature a few companies and organizations that have and/or are implementing EOS® and will share their experiences.  EOS Implementers™ will also be present to answer your questions about EOS® /Traction or problems you might be facing with implementing it in your organization.

Attendees takeaways:

  1. How EOS/Traction has and is being implemented by companies of different sizes and at different places on their journey of running on EOS/Traction.
  2. Answer your questions about how EOS/Traction can be implemented in your organization and what it will do for you and your company.
  3. Make connections with company leaders who have experience implementing EOS/Traction.

Relationship Marketing for Increased Performance and Profits

Speaker: Lorri Wright, VP of Operations and Director of Education
The Buyosphere

Technology is a great business tool! It helps us reach more people, more efficiently and at a lower cost. But has it enhanced our relationships? Are we getting closer to our customers, or further away?  Connecting with people and building trust, rapport and loyalty is the fuel that feeds everything. This session will cover crucial concepts involved in developing customer and employee relationships that make a difference. Participants will walk away with multiple strategies for enhanced relationship building that can be implemented immediately.

Attendees takeaways:

  1. Participants will learn what the three levels of relationships are and how each level impacts business
  2. Participants will understand how relationship marketing is their competitive advantage, the one that makes all the difference.
  3. Participants will learn and practice practical strategies to capitalize on relationship marketing opportunities.