Secrets of the World’s Best Networkers and Strategic Connectors – Don DeWaay – The Profit Zone

The size of your network determines the size of your net worth. In our session we are going to explore the strategies and tactics that the best connectors in the world use to become invaluable centers of influence that everyone wants to know and associate with. You see it in places like Shark Tank and The Profit. Well guess what, you can do it too!! In our session you will learn how to network like the pros and how to create lots of scalable, recurring revenue in your business by leveraging other people’s connections and creating vast networks of referral sources, affiliates and channel partners who constantly bring you more opportunity then you can handle. We will teach you how to collaborate and share expenses to create transformational events and experiences to attract more customers to you. Amazing connectors get paid from all directions and often times for just opening new doors for others. Come learn how to do well by doing good through connecting and nurturing relationships.


don dewaay central iowa business conferenceDon DeWaay, Founder and Visionary | The Profit Zone Don DeWaay is a lifetime serial entrepreneur. No matter where a business owner is in their entrepreneurial journey, Don has been there. From the frustrating and confining environment of large corporate America, to the humble beginnings of a one man show with big dreams and limited resources, to building a large company with hundreds of millions in annual sales, to crushing failure, setbacks and defeat at the hands of the 2008 economic collapse and then full scale recovery with his newest and most exciting venture yet, The Profit Zone. Don’s professional passion is to help business owners expand and extend their vision to see the true potential in themselves and in their businesses. In this process, Don efforts to explore new ways to go farther and faster than they ever thought possible by building scalable, recurring revenue models that get them off the hamster wheel of trading hours for dollars. Don has developed Triangulation models that engage the highest priority needs their ideal customers, build ecosystems of support and quickly and efficiently expand relationships.