Mind Map Messaging: The Powerful & Irrefutable Science of Human Behavior to Capture Attention, Stimulate Sales and Multiply Profits – Don DeWaay – The Profit Zone

Your success in business can be traced to one essential element – your messaging. If you look and sound just like everybody else or if your messaging isn’t novel, believable or memorable, you will end up wasting mountains of time, energy and money with dry sales funnels, low potential customers, unproductive networking events and wasteful, high cost marketing campaigns.

The human mind processes information literally in nanoseconds and in today’s world your brain drinks from a firehouse. We all have mental maps and screens that allow us to frame things up, put them in context and formulate responses. We have instinctive psychological motivators and emotional triggers that we aren’t even aware of that subconsciously drive our decision making. We will show you how to craft your message so it glides right through the screens and takes the shortest pathway to the only part of the human mind where literally all decisions are made and how to radically increase your odds of getting a positive response at every step of your buyer’s journey.


don dewaay central iowa business conferenceDon DeWaay, Founder and Visionary | The Profit Zone

Don DeWaay is a lifetime serial entrepreneur. No matter where a business owner is in their entrepreneurial journey, Don has been there. From the frustrating and confining environment of large corporate America, to the humble beginnings of a one man show with big dreams and limited resources, to building a large company with hundreds of millions in annual sales, to crushing failure, setbacks and defeat at the hands of the 2008 economic collapse and then full scale recovery with his newest and most exciting venture yet, The Profit Zone.

Don’s professional passion is to help business owners expand and extend their vision to see the true potential in themselves and in their businesses. In this process, Don efforts to explore new ways to go farther and faster than they ever thought possible by building scalable, recurring revenue models that get them off the hamster wheel of trading hours for dollars. Don has developed Triangulation models that engage the highest priority needs their ideal customers, build ecosystems of support and quickly and efficiently expand relationships.