Are Hidden Profits Affecting You? – Neil Blanchard

Are you looking for ways to create more profit and cash flow in your day-to-day operations? Would it surprise you to learn that hidden profits may be, and most likely are, slipping through your fingers? Anything from payroll to inventory or cost of goods; these hidden profits add up and can shape the method in which your business moves forward. Join us as we look at ways to identify and correct the loss of hidden profits in your business. During our session, you will learn 4 critical reasons why businesses struggle. This will include case studies, success stories, failures and learning from other business owners mistakes. We will cover exit plans and the important stats behind them including how to build a value-based business for a successful exit.  


neil blanchard central iowa buisness conferenceNeil Blanchard, Founder and CEO | Profit Pros Neil is a serial entrepreneur, a natural problem solver and business leader. After a successful career in engineering and infrastructure development for the University of Washington, Neil moved into sales. Two years of selling medical services to physicians uncovered a new opportunity as laser aesthetics were just becoming popular. Neil’s company Laser Advantage, LLC worked with doctors in seven states to jointly open and operate laser aesthetics clinics. After selling the line of clinics, he recognized the next opportunity: to consult with physicians and help them better manage, grow and operate their practices and clinics. He successfully grew Laser Advantage Consulting to a multi-million dollar business operating across both the US and Canada.