HOT TOPIC 6: Mastering the Irrefutable Science of Human Behavior

HOT TOPIC 6: Mastering the Irrefutable Science of Human Behavior and the Use of Psychological Motivators and Emotional Triggers to Create Your Ideal Buyer’s Journey and Generate 10 Times the Leads and Close More Business Than You Ever Thought Possible – Don DeWaay, The Profit Zone

Literally nothing has more impact on business development and sales success than the understanding and appropriate application of human psychology and behavioral science.  There is a powerful and irrefutable science to creating immediate rapport, nurturing a prospective customer to buy over and over again and then to give you huge volumes of referrals. From the very first touch you are communicating immeasurable volumes of information that they filter in split seconds to decide whether you are relevant in their lives. That is why it is essential that you carefully design your buyer’s journey that taps into their innermost psychological needs and desires. We will examine, in detail, the patterns, motivators and triggers that influence decision making and how to utilize them throughout the sales process to radically improve results.

Key takeaways:

  • Build a “Blue Ocean” vision that makes your competition irrelevant and invents a totally new market space for your business to thrive in.
  • Create fascinating and captivating messaging, transformational experiences and events that engage and move your audience to action over and over again.
  • Identify your ideal customer profile and design the most effective and efficient buyer’s journey, engaging customer relationship models and highest input referral processes

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