HOT TOPIC 5: Gaining a Competitive Edge with Broadband Technology

HOT TOPIC 5: Gaining a Competitive Edge with Broadband Technology – Mark Finch, Senior Director – Carrier, Wholesale & National Accounts, Mediacom Business

In the connected economy, there are massive shifts in technology on a near-daily basis. Either you take advantage of these opportunities or your business falls behind. And while these technologies are fascinating, think telemedicine, e-learning, the cloud – your business needs a broadband connection that can power faster and scale farther. How are the advancements in broadband leveling the playing field of competition for rural America. Learn why the Mid-West is being dubbed the “Silicon Prairie” and what this means for your business as Iowa was just recently named for the first “Gigabit State” in the nation.

Key takeaways:

  • Is my business using antiquated technology that inhibits getting to the next level of innovation?
  • What new technology applications can I take advantage of but do I have enough bandwidth to power it?
  • Iowa is wired for 1 Gig speeds

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